Solo & Ensemble Results

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in this past weekend’s Solo & Ensemble event!


Jami Boydston (Trumpet, 6th) – Superior

Dartagnan Brooks (Trombone, 8th) – Superior

Joshua Darden (Tuba, 6th) – Excellent

Tommy Darden (Trombone, 8th) – Superior

Cadence Hagan (Flute, 7th) – Excellent

Cadence Hagan/Brent Johnson (Flute Duet) – Superior

Joie Hall (Trumpet, 6th) – Superior

Jordan Hoffman (Horn, 7th) – Superior

Brent Johnson (Flute, 7th) – Superior

Blake Madden (Flute, 8th) – Excellent

Blake Madden (Alto Sax, 8th) – Superior

Victoria McCarty (Clarinet, 6th) – Good

Lillian Rapp (Clarinet, 6th) – Excellent

Collin Rood (Horn, 6th) – Superior

Angel Saavedra (Trombone, 7th) – Superior

James Sanders (Alto Sax, 7th) – Excellent

Jacob Smith (Trombone, 8th) – Superior

Madeline Starnes (Alto Sax, 7th) – Superior

Carmine Walser (Alto Sax, 7th) – Excellent

Mercedes Walser (Euphonium, 8th) – Superior

Eddie Wilkes (Horn, 6th) – Excellent


On the weekend, our students earned 14 Superiors, 7 Excellents, and 1 Good.