Symphonic Band: FBA Performance Schedule

To be fully prepared for the FBA Concert MPA on April 5th, we will need to hold some after-school rehearsals.  These rehearsals will each last from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m., and do count towards your “Rehearsals/Performances” grade.


Full Band Rehearsals:

The full Symphonic Band will meet together after-school on the following dates:

– March 6th

– March 13th

– March 27th

– April 3rd

During these full Band Rehearsals, we will have guest directors coming to work with our students. In the past, we’ve had local band directors and collegiate band directors.


Rehearsal Changes:

These rehearsals are currently scheduled to take place. However, if our students progress quickly due to their own individual practicing, we will cancel some of these rehearsal dates. Any changes will be announced in class, on the band website, and on our social media accounts (twitter/facebook).


Rehearsal Conflicts:

If you have a conflict that may affect your ability to attend our rehearsals and sectionals, please notify
Mr. Schmidt immediately. We will do everything we can to work with you whenever possible. It isn’t possible for us to help you if you don’t contact us.



We will be in need of a few chaperones to help us on our performance date (April 5). If you are an approved chaperone and are willing to help.