Florida Orchestra Chaperones

Here is the list of chaperones who are approved for our upcoming Florida Orchestra Trip. If you signed-up to chaperone but are not listed, it’s because you never completed the Pasco County Schools Volunteer Application (http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us). A parent/guardian cannot participate in any school activities without completing the Volunteer Application.


  • Allen, Rachel (Cadence Hagan)
  • Boydston, Billy (Jami Boydston)
  • Doyle, Jamie (Brianna Doyle)
  • Ezzo, John (Chloe Ezzo)
  • Harrison, Thomas (Serenity Harrison)
  • Marrero, Jacklyn (Destiny Lisk)
  • Nielsen, Angela (Julia Nielsen)
  • Riner, Dilmax (Hope Riner)
  • Rood, Michelle (Colin Rood)
  • Sloan, Beverly (Ryan Sloan)
  • Smith, Lance (Jacob Smith)
  • Walby, April (Caleb Merrifield)
  • White, Cindy (Carmine Walser)
  • Wilkes, Amanda (Edward Wilkes)
  • Vazquez, Zdliame (Kevin Perez)


I’ll be posting times for this event in the next week or so. If you have any questions, please let me know.