Booster Meeting Recap for 4/18

Yesterday, we held our meeting for April. Below you will find the recap of what took place. Thank you to everyone for attending.

Financial Summary

  • Current Balance: $2,966.74
  • Upcoming Expenses:
    • Solo & Ensemble – ~$500.00

New Business

  • Booster Officer Elections – We were unable to nominate Band Booster Officers for next year. Ww will have to nominate and vote on officers for next year at our next meeting.

Old Business

  • By-law Amendment: We discussed amending the Band Booster By-laws to reflect our meeting dates. The change would read as “General membership meetings will be held bi-monthly when possible on the the 3rd Tuesday of each month.”
    Booster Budget: We continued to discuss moving to a Budget system. We would be voting in March/April to approve our 2017-2017 Budget.

    • Motion: Mrs. Shipley
    • 2nd: Mrs. Saavedra
    • Motion Passes
  • Band Booster Budget: We discussed the proposed Booster Budget for next year. By approving this budget, we are pre-approving expenses that fall into these categories. By pre-approving these typical expenses, we can limit the amount of meetings that will be necessary. We also discussed that this is our first use of a budget, so we will need to use this year to track and adjust the budget for future years.
    • Motion: Mr. Laginess
    • 2nd: Mrs. Regan
    • Motion Passes


  • Motion – Mr. Laginess
  • Second – Mrs. Shipley
  • Motion Approved

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Schmidt ( immediately.