Booster Meeting Recap for 1/24/17

Yesterday, we held our January. Below you will find the recap of what took place. Thank you to everyone for attending.

Financial Summary

  • Current Balance – $3,090.98
  • Upcoming Expenses – FBA Solo & Ensemble, Busch Gardens Busses, Piano Accompanists, Chorus, and Charms.
  • Other – We just heard back, and it looks like Busch Gardens may be willing to refund some of our unused tickets from our trip in December! We should know more in the next week or so.


New Business

  • Chorus Expenses: We voted to allot $100.00 to hire a clinician to come work with the RBSMS/ZHS Chorus on February 28th.
    • Motion: Ms. Brown
    • 2nd: Mr. Laginess
    • Motion Passes
  • Social Activities / Fundraisers: We discussed holding a Bowl-a-thon on 3/4 and a Movie Event on 5/6.
  • Charms: We discussed that it may not be financially responsible to renew Charms with some changes coming up from our district. This discussion is being tabled until a later meeting.
  • Band Booster Budget – We discussed using a budget system next year. Specifically, we discussed using a budget voted on at the beginning of the year, and only voting on matters that exceed or were not apart of that budget.  This discussion is being tabled until a later meeting.
  • Recruiting Materials: We discussed the previously purchased recruiting materials. Additionally, we discussed possibly ordering some shirts to be handed out at each elementary school.  This discussion is being tabled until a later meeting.


Old Business

  • Recruiting Materials: The Posters and Wristbands have come in!
  • Busch Gardens Trip: Our trip went well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. We also discussed the possibility of Busch Gardens refunding some of our unused tickets, and should know more soon.
  • Candles: All of the candles have been delivered and handed out. There was an issue with 3 candles, which have all been fixed.


Motion – Mr. Laginess
Second – Mrs. Shipley
Motion Approved


If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Schmidt ( immediately.